Best Supplements For Digestive Health

It’s best to think twice before investing in supplements for digestive health. There are indeed natural supplements which of course are best, but some will contain non-natural ingredients. More importantly though, do you really need to buy any of these?

The term digestive health covers a wide range of things. The digestive system is big and complex, involving many parts and pieces that make it up. The intestinal tract which lies within this system is a huge topic on it’s own and is responsible for many of the digestive problems and disorders we get and call label as digestive problems. It is actually said that all disease originates in the intestines.

Digestive enzymes

Perhaps the most sought after supplement for promoting better digestive health are enzyme supplements. This is not surprising because the fast food and high processed food diets most of us are on lack the enzymes our body needs for good health.

Here’s the problem with buying an enzyme supplement

They won’t work. Enzymes are proteins and when they are removed from their natural food or plant source to be processed and encapsulated they behave differently. Your stomach has a digestive enzyme call pepsin, it’s job is to consume protein as it enters the stomach, since the enzyme supplements you ingested are protein they get destroyed right there, proving no more value.

Other supplements for digestive health

There are many that work to cleanse, relieve, flush, aid digestion, stop constipation and many others. Why not simply eat the proper foods that solve these same problems? Sure there are a few herbs that are not so easily found perhaps but most foods you will be able to get.

There is little these supplements can do that can’t be gotten from fresh fruits, raw and lightly steamed vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds, aloe vera juice. The other food group essential for digestive health are grains. These must be natural and unrefined. That means no bakery muffins and white bread or any white flour products as they will clog up your system.

Kiwifruit can be taken as the best supplement for digestive health, loaded with digestive enzymes, fibers, prebiotics antioxidants and much more. The most nutrient dense fruit there is – find out how to get all it’s benefits in a natural supplement that will amaze you.